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Supplies & Tools

Where to purchase canvas...

  • carries many canvas sizes and a wide variety of paints.  Check out their student grade acrylics too!


  • If you have a coupon for Michaels, check out their canvas packs.  You can also get coupons at


  • Panels are also an option for AY design painting.  They are less expensive but different from stretched canvas.  Panels are mounted on cardboard and may warp if they get too wet.  They are an economical option and take up much less space for storage.  Choosing between stretched or panel is really a personal choice.  


Where to purchase paint...


  • Social Artworking paint made by DecoArt is what our design are painted with.  They offer multiple size bottles depending on whether you are teaching or painting for yourself.  Order the 64oz. size and add the pumps for ease of use and the best economy.  


  • Be wary of the super cheap acylics from craft stores.  They may only be $0.65 cents for the small bottles but you will need to paint multiple coats to achieve the same coverage as a slightly more expensive paint.  You can achieve great results using a midrange acrylic line--expensive artist/professional grade acrylics are unnecessary. 

  • Click here for details on Mayco Magic Metallics and Oxidizers which can be purchased at your favorite Mayco distributor

  • Are you teaching an Artfully Yours Design for a large group or in a studio setting?  Use our handy paint calculator to help estimate the amount of paint required for each design.

Brushes you need...


  • You can paint AY designs with brushes you have already but a set of brushes specifically made for acrylic is ideal.  


  • Acrylic handle brushes like those from Royal and Langnickel hold up well to repeated washings.  There is no paint to peal off if you go with an acrylic handle and bristles are fused together to prevent loss.


  • Longer handled brushes in packs from Social Artworking are an economical option as are the acrylic brushes from Royal. Long handled brushes can be easier for use on canvas because of how they balance in the hand.  These economical brushes are also easier to part with and replace (without needing CPR) if needed.


  • You don't need 10,000 brushes.  I recommend two 3/4" flat or chisel brushes (size 18-20), one 10-12 round,  one 12 flat or bright, one 6-8 flat or bright and one 4-6 round for detailing.  Some designs will list optional brushes such as liner brushes if desired. 

  •  Be sure to check out our tips on brush care!  With proper care, your brushes will last through many, many paintings.  


Other tools you will need...


  • Easels are another item that depends a lot on personal preference.  Here are two examples:  wooden easels, metal easels.  Be sure to check out Amazon for deals too.


  • Transfer Paper for transfering designs onto canvas.  Find one example here.  You will be able to reuse transfer paper for multiple canvases.


  • Template copies can be made at your local copy store.  OfficeMax and Staples print in large sizes, and templates can be sent to them by upload to their website or by email.  When you get your designs copied for the first time, make sure you tell them that they are black and white outline images to be printed in black and white only.  If you don't mention this, they may try to charge you for color copies.  Some places will charge you for hand-trimming down to your preferred size.  If you don't want to pay someone to do this for you make sure you let them know.  We use this handy dandy scissor paper cutter mouse to trim excess from our templates.


  • Ball point pens or styluses can be used to trace designs.  Have pencils and plain school chalk on hand for if you would rather freehand designs than use a template.


  • Disposable aprons are a great option for classes.  No worries about washing them!  There are many options available online.  Here is one example.


  • We recommend small paper plates (Dixie) to dispense paint for easy clean up, and they are much cheaper than other paper palettes.


  • Handheld fans can help speed dry times.  Find them at the dollar store or at 


  • Table clothes from the dollar store are a great option to protect your painting surface.  Fold them up for reuse or toss them when they are too dirty or torn.



  • Reminder:  if you purchase designs individually, you may use them indefinitely within the limits of our terms and conditions.  If you are a member, you may use designs while your membership is active and current.  If you cancel or discontinue your membership, you will need to either purchase individual licenses for designs or discontinue their use.


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